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Trade Discounts

 20% Discount
— Deadstock fabric, cuts less than 10m
— All quantities of our Premium Merino range
— Liberty fabric, cuts less than 5m
— Shearling and fur hides
— Fusible, lining, haberdashery, trims & notions
— All paper patterns, excludes books

30% Discount
— Deadstock fabrics, when 10m or more is purchased in each style/colour
— Liberty fabric, when 5m or more is purchased in each style/colour
— 30% also applies to "Rest of Roll" on deadstock fabrics if there is no further stock available
— Leather hides

Bulk Purchases
Deadstock fabrics may qualify for further discount on purchases of 40m or more, Liberty fabrics may qualify for further discount on purchases of 20m or more. For more information speak with the store manager prior to purchasing.

Terms & Conditions

Please note: By signing up as a trade customer you will automatically be added to our email database to receive newsletters on new product, promotions & sales.

All Customers at The Fabric Store:
— No returns or refunds for change of mind.
— No claims on cut fabrics.
— Fabric compositions are displayed on the swing tags and can be noted and/or requested at time of purchase.
— Recommended laundering is available at point of sale; no responsibility taken for incorrect care of fabrics.
— All fabric prices include GST of 15%

Trade customers at The Fabric Store:
— Initial spend (min $200 post discount) required to activate a Trade Customer Sign up.
— Minimum spend per financial year to remain eligible for the trade discount is $1200 (after discount). Any inactive trade customers at the end of the financial year
will be transferred to the VIP customer database.
— Holds for a maximum of one week, no exceptions.
— Discounted Trade Prices are caculated from the full retail price as per below.
For More information speak with the store manager.
— Discounts apply to the orginal price of fabrics, no additional discounts off sale priced fabrics.
— These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of The Fabric Store.