Our Premium Merino Range

The Fabric Store Online offers an unbeatable range of high-quality ethically produced merino fabrics, in a spectrum of beautiful colours
as well as heavy-weight knits, unique textures, stripes and merino sport knit blends. Read more about this amazing fabric below.

Merino is one of the worlds oldest breeds of sheep and produces an extremely versatile wool. The merino wool is designed to protect the sheep from the harsh elements they thrive in, all the while maintaining a very fine micron (diameter of the fibre), making it the softest yet hard wearing sheep wool. The fabric itself is hypoallergenic, flame resistant, breathable and moisture wicking making it suitable for so many uses and all seasons. Merino fibre is a fully renewable resource which is recyclable and 100% biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.

Our Merino is sourced from a New Zealand based company who are Bluesign® Systems Partners and provide a MAPP guarantee on our full range. MAPP is absolute assurance that the Merino you have purchased has been tested for fibre strength and consistency, and passed. That means it will perform exactly as high quality Merino should. The MAPP guarantee ensures that the Merino fabric will have been processed in facilities that meet the highest environmental standards and which carry both ISO 9000:2015 and Blue Sign System Partner accreditation.

Here at The Fabric Store Online we love merino for so many reasons, especially its versatility and hypoallergenic properties, making it the perfect choice for babies and anyone with sensitive skin. We are continuously updating our merino selection which ranges from super soft merino jerseys in beautiful colours from our very own ethically produced premium range to heavy weight knits with amazing textures. We have a small (but growing) selection of 150gsm lightweight jerseys perfect for summer or under layers and a range of merino blends (tencel,nylon, lycra) which make for great active and sportswear fabrics.

Our Premium Merino Range is available to purchase online and in stores.
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