KATM Woven Labels - Sweary Sewist no.4
KATM Woven Labels - Sweary Sewist no.4
KATM Woven Labels - Sweary Sewist no.4
KATM Woven Labels - Sweary Sewist no.4

KATM Woven Labels - Sweary Sewist no.4

$28.00 NZD

// A pack of 9 woven garment labels by Kylie and the Machine. The long awaited 'The Sweary Sewist #4' Collection is here and swear-ier than ever! This is hands-down one of KATMs most popular label collections and we think it's their best one yet! We hope it gives you a little cackle or two, and some cheeky delight when selecting which one of these spicy labels will go with your handmades. This is a Special Edition collection with 9 all new Sweary labels in a new mini box format.

Bonus digital poster gift included - Scan the QR Code inside the box to receive a free KATM Original Digital Poster Download. The QR Code will bring you to KATMs Digital Poster page where you can select one of any of their original art (including the new sweary posters!) for free. The discount will automatically be applied in your cart.

Labels by Kylie and the Machine are woven using superfine Oeko-Tex 100 certified thread to create a crisp design and smooth finish. These high-quality labels are washable, colourfast, durable and the perfect finishing touch for any me-made garment!  All labels are designed in Australia and packaging is made using recycled/recyclable materials.

Each pack contains 9 woven labels.
Composition: Polyester
Details as below-

  • "CAUTION: Swearing passionately can result in passionate swearing" - 33mm x 24mm (plus folds) | Light Blue Background with Fluro Pink text
  • "Fabric Only, Mother Fuckers" - 24mm x 30mm (plus folds) | Pale Yellow Background, Metallic Silver and Black
  • "FAN ★ FUCKING ★ TASTIC" - 50mm x 12mm | Peach Background with Navy and Lilac sparkle
  • "Fuck Yeah!" - 20mm x 28mm (includes seam allowance) | Cream background with Magenta and Royal Blue
  • "If I had a dollar for every time I swore while sewing... I'd be a fucking millionaire" - 23mm x 30mm (includes seam allowance) | Dark Blue background, white text
  • "I Fucking Love This" - 26mm x 30mm (including seam allowance) | Forest Green, Pale Pink and Metallic Rose Gold
  • "Made This For Shits & Giggles" - 50mm x 12mm (plus folds) | Cherry Red, White and Gold sparkle.
  • "Make Good Shit" - 34mm x 17mm (includes side seam) | Royal Blue, Lolly Pink
  • "This was a Glorious Shit Show" - 24mm x 26mm | Light Purple, Navy Blue

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