Sewing Patterns

Patterns for the home sewist including our very own Make by TFS plus favourites from Friday Pattern Company, DP Studio, In The Folds and Papercut Patterns new and past ranges. Now it's even easier to get everything you need for your next project, all in one place!
Make by TFS - Lucie Robe
Make by TFS - Fog Tee
Make by TFS - FREE Fog Tee Turtleneck Extension / PDF
Make by TFS - Cass Pant / PDF
Make by TFS - Ivy Dress + Top / PDF
Make by TFS - Bloom Shirt + Dress / PDF
Make by TFS - Poppy Coat
Make by TFS - Mabel Dress
Make by TFS - Sparrow Set
Make by TFS - Sparrow Pant + Short / PDF
Make by TFS - May Jean / PDF
Make by TFS - Teddy Dress
Make by TFS - Paint Dress + Top / PDF
Make by TFS - August Skirt
Papercut Patterns - Nova Coat
Make by TFS - Cloud Set / PDF
Make by TFS - Leo Blazer / PDF
Papercut Patterns - Axis Dress / Skirt
Papercut Patterns - Rise & Fall Turtlenecks
Papercut Patterns - Array Top / Dress
Make by TFS - Sparrow Shirt / PDF
Papercut Patterns - Pinnacle Top / Sweater
Papercut Patterns - Stacker Jacket
Make by TFS - Cloud Sweatshirt / PDF
Papercut Patterns - Meridian Dress
Papercut Patterns - Sequence Blouse / Dress
Papercut Patterns - Palisade Pants
Make by TFS - Cloud Sweatpant / PDF
Papercut Patterns - Strata Pants
Papercut Patterns - Luna Jacket
Papercut Patterns - Tula Pants
Papercut Patterns - Aura Dress / Skirt
Papercut Patterns - Maya Cami
Make by TFS - Poppy Coat / Paper
Papercut Patterns - Ravine Dress
Papercut Patterns - Solar Tee / Sweater