Our Exclusive Linen Range

Each season The Fabric Store Online releases a brand new range of hand-picked linen colours, in two high-quality weights;
ideal for dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and soft furnishings. Read more about this amazing fabric below.

Linen is widely considered one of the most environmentally responsible fibres that is readily available. It is made from the cellulose fibres of the flax plant, which grows naturally and requires very little energy and water resources to grow and process, and because the entire plant is used for production, there is no waste footprint. The flax plant is gentle on the land, and can easily be incorporated into crop rotation cycles to prevent soil depletion, or can be grown in areas that are not suitable for growing food crops, ensuring the environmental impact on the land is minimised.

Here at The Fabric Store, linen is one of our favourite fibres. As well as being super easy to sew, linen fabric has a lovely earthy feel, starting off crisp but softening beautifully in time with wash and wear. Because linen is inherently strong, products made using linen have a long life-cycle, reducing wastage, and once the life is well worn from the linen, it is biodegradable and recyclable.

At The Fabric Store we work closely with a carefully selected mill to produce our own seasonal range of linen. This mill guarantees fair living wages, HR practices, worker training and is fully compliant with current REACH regulations. While in general we like to work on a model of re-use, sourcing designer ends and mill over-runs, we rest easy knowing this beautiful range is produced sustainably, and with the Earths interest in mind.

Our Exclusive Colour Range is available to purchase online and in stores. You can choose from our spectrum of beautiful bright and soft shades, as well as our range of designer linen ends in a myriad of unique patterns, weaves and textures.
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