The Fabric Stores curated range of additional extras to help make your next project extra special. From Papercut Patterns, Kylie and the Machine woven labels, Liberty and linen bias bindings to colour matched threads, our accessories are sure to come in handy!

Papercut Patterns - Marnie Swimsuit
Papercut Patterns - Marnie Swimsuit Curve
Papercut Patterns - Kaia Swimsuit Curve
Papercut Patterns - Kaia Swimsuit
Papercut Patterns - Aalto Dress / Top Curve
Papercut Patterns - Aalto Dress / Top
Papercut Patterns - Emmi Jacket Curve
Papercut Patterns - Emmi Jacket
KATM Woven Labels - Rainbow Handmade (cream)
KATM Woven Labels - Made (Multi)
KATM Woven Labels - You Are Loved (Hearts)
KATM Fabric ID Tape - 30m Roll
Dress Zips - 55cm

Dress Zips - 55cm

$4.20 NZD

Dress Zips - 40cm

Dress Zips - 40cm

$3.40 NZD

Dress Zips - 18cm

Dress Zips - 18cm

$2.20 NZD

Velcro Hook & Loop 25mm - Black
Velcro Hook & Loop 25mm - White
Tailors Chalk 3pk - White / Red / Blue
Pearlised Pin Rosette - 40pk
Quick Unpick

Quick Unpick

$4.10 NZD

Hook & Eye Sets 10mm - Black
Hook & Eye Sets 10mm - Nickle
Assorted Hand Sewing Needles - 30pk
Klasse Machine Needles 4pk - Overlocker
Klasse Machine Needles 6pk - Jeans
Klasse Machine Needles 6pk - Ball Point
Klasse Machine Needles 6pk - Sharps
Klassé Machine Needles 6pk - Universal
KATM Woven Labels - Look After Me / Ivory
KATM Woven Labels - Me Made Definition
KATM Woven Labels - Not For Sale
KATM Woven Labels - Perfectly Imperfect Duo
Make by TFS - Paint Dress + Top / PDF
Make by TFS - Leo Blazer / PDF
Organic Linen Bias Binding - Marsala
Organic Linen Bias Binding - Celery